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Our Service

01Government regulations

- Analysis of complicated government regulations and creation of business models

We will review what regulations will be applied to your business. We will identify the legal risks, and analyze whether it is in compliance or not. In addition, if any problem arises, we will make the best use of our abilities and experiences to create proper business models without harming the core of your business.

We will not easily give up, even if your business could possibly be recognized as not in compliance, and I will guide your company. In addition, our task does not end when we finish advising on matters regarding regulations. We will also communicate and negotiate with regulatory authorities on your behalf should any issues arise. We cover all of industries in Japan including IT, artificial intelligence and data business, fintech, medical and power sectors.

- policy advocacy

If there is difficulty in your business based on the current Japanese law, we will support your advocacy to change rules and government policies. In order to urge the government to respond promptly, after analyzing the stakeholders we will propose concrete policy planning.

Please understand that we support businesses only when we believe that lobbying for that business will be in the public interest, which is our most important policy.

02General corporate legal affairs

We offer comprehensive support for corporate legal matters in general. We support large enterprises and venture companies regardless of the size of the company.

Specifically, we deal with broad legal issues such as drafting and reviewing contracts, responding to various issues such as preparing contracts on fund procurement, handling personal information, and other various negotiations. We are available for every industry.

We will try to completely understand each business, and to propose the optimal legal strategy by analyzing from both a legal perspective as well as a business perspective.
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